The Hiram Muxó and Ada McPherson genealogies, stories and photographs reaching back into the 1800s.

Pedigree Ramblings

My Crazy Uncle
Wears a Kilt

Dave's blog with poetry, musings about the world in general, and genealogical topics.

Dave's Vietnam Pics

This website contains photos of my Vietnam experience, and was created to see if I could find any of my friends from that era. I did find old friends and made new friends as well.

Vietnam Pics Photos

The Crystal Prison

The Crystal Prison is my firt book of poetry. Also presented is a twenty poem full color sample, both in pdf format.

Randi's Website

Before she passed away, Dr. Randi Riffkind was a practicing Clinical Psychologist as well as my fiancee. This is the website that I created for her business.

Randi's Website Central American Mission

Central American Mission

This is my LDS mission website, newly re-activated now that I'm retired and have time to spruce it up.

35th Inf. Reg. Assoc.

I served in the 35th Infantry Regiment in Vietnam in 1969-1970. This is the website for the 35th Infantry Regiment Association.

Cacti Website Design

Website Design

A demostration website I created while living in West Los Angeles in 2012.